International Congress on Sustainability Science & Engineering (ICOSSE '24) | AIChE

The AIChE Institute for Sustainability (IfS) and RAPID® will host a special edition of ICOSSE on the topic of Industrial Decarbonization supporting the roadmapping efforts for the new phase of RAPID®.

This special edition of ICOSSE 2024: Industrial Decarbonization, co-organized by the AIChE Institute for Sustainability and the RAPID Manufacturing Institute. It will be dedicated to advancing ambitious industrial decarbonization objectives within the U.S. fuels and chemical industries, leveraging the fundamental RAPID principles of process intensification and modularization.

Beyond these core principles, the conference will delve into the pivotal role of digitalization, artificial intelligence, machine learning, education, workforce development, and EDIA in the pursuit of decarbonization across various industrial sectors. Engaging invited talks and panel discussions will set the stage for insightful conversations, complemented by hands-on facilitated roadmapping workshops each day.

A key outcome of this gathering will be the development of a comprehensive roadmap. This strategic document will not only guide RAPID's future initiatives but will also inform forthcoming Calls for Proposals (CFPs), ensuring a dynamic and impactful trajectory for the fuels and chemical industries. Get ready for a transformative event that bridges cutting-edge technologies, industry expertise, and collaborative vision for a sustainable future.

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