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RAPID Workshop

RAPID Workshop at ICOSSE '18 ...

RAPID Workshop at ICOSSE '18

This RAPID Manufacturing Institute workshop will take place on August 15, 2018, from 2:00pm–4:00pm, following the end of the ICOSSE ’18 program at the same venue – access is included with your ICOSSE ’18 registration. This session will convene subject matter experts, both members and non-members of RAPID, to brainstorm and discuss the application of modular and chemical process intensification for sustainable manufacturing.

To attend, please simply RSVP to Michelle Bryner (michb@aiche.org). If you need extra nights at the hotel, you can still book this here.

A snapshot of the RAPID session:

Ignasi Palou-Rivera, Technical Program Manager, RAPID Manufacturing Institute, will present an overview of the RAPID Manufacturing Institute, a look at RAPID’s roadmap, and a summary of some of the projects being funded. The remainder of the session will be a facilitated discussion of how modular and chemical process intensification can be applied to two topics: water use and reuse; and carbon capture, storage, and utilization.


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