6th International Congress on Sustainability Science & Engineering
October 2-4, 2017

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The urgent need for more sustainable products and processes is a huge opportunity for innovation. At ICOSSE´17 we will discuss the trends towards greater sustainability that are driving innovation, and present the latest in new sustainable process technologies.

At the Congress we will exchange ideas about ways and means of protecting the environment and using resources sustainably. We will talk about the new tools needed to understand and analyze the issues. ICOSSE’17 provides a common platform for researchers and practitioners from physical and ecological sciences, engineering and commercial worlds to discuss the challenges and identify solutions.

ICOSSE´17 is organized together with the 10th World Congress of Chemical Engineering, the 11th European Congress of Chemical Engineering, and many associated scientific and industrial events, including EXPOQUIMIA, the second largest European Exhibition for the Chemical Industry. This offers you unique opportunities to explore new synergies and to see how sustainable engineering can solve mainstream problems. Read more

Key Topics in Sustainability

ICOSSE '17 will focus on these and other key topics in sustainability:

  1. The transition to sustainable living
    • The Food-Energy-Water nexus in cities and rural environments
    • New business models: the circular economy, industrial ecology
  2. Sustainable technologies in manufacturing and processing industries
    • More sustainable use of natural resources
    • Reduction of environmental impacts
    • Innovative process technologies
  3. Bringing sustainability to the mainstream
    • Sustainability and life-long learning approaches
    • Analysis, modelling and assessment of sustainability: tools and techniques
    • Identifying and valuing eco-system services

Featured Speakers

Renate Christ

From 2004 until her retirement in 2015 Renate Christ held the function of the Secretary of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in Geneva/Switzerland and was in charge of the overall management and coordination of the various activities of the IPCC and provided advice on preparation of IPCC reports. Her aim was to ensure that all relevant scientific dimensions are addressed, that views and knowledge from all regions of the world are adequately reflected and that IPCC Reports responded to the...Read more

Jacqueline Cramer

Prof. dr. Jacqueline Cramer is a strategic advisor of the Utrecht Sustainability Institute and in charge of the circular economy activities for the Amsterdam Economic Board. Moreover, she is the managing director of the consultancy firm ‘Sustainable Entrepreneurship; strategy and innovation consulting’, from which she worked as a senior advisor to more than 150 companies on the implementation of sustainable entrepreneurship and CSR. Before, she was the Cabinet Minister of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment of the Netherlands. Cramer has been a professor in the area...Read more


Proceedings of the 6th International Congress on Sustainability Science & Engineering are now available: